Pretty Little Liars Season 1 Episode 21

Reynolds keeps a close watch on the girls as Rosewood celebrates Founders’ Day. Meanwhile, the girls hide their feelings and the status of certain relationships, such as Hannah’s love for the boy who broke her heart and Spencer’s friendship with Toby.
Hanna’s mom steals money from an old lady were she was suppose to keep her money in a safe.
Then everyone decides to hide in the forest at Mona’s birthday to see if A- will be watching them. While Area goes in a hide out kissing that teacher in his car while someone see’s them and writes ”i see you” in the back window.While all that was happening Hanna saw who wrote that in the car so she called the other girls telling them ”I know who A is meet me in the back”
So while Hanna was crossing the road to get to her friends A- ran over her. and sent a message to all the girls. ”She knew too much”
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