Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 128

Ver Triunfo del amor capitulo 128 - nice to see you again guys, how about my story yesterday about Triunfo del amor capitulo 127 ? have you finish read that story ?. ok now i will give you a next story from this chapter, after previous chapter Juan Pablo was angry so now what will happen ? lets read this story guys .

In the last episode told about Victoria that decided to look for the girl had been abandoned for many years in an orphanage, Christina and Luis Alfredo is married to a former girlfriend, Marion. Bernarda (Daniela Romo) claimed Juan Pablo (Diego Olivera) who told Victoria (Victoria Ruffo), which is a daughter under the influence of tranquilizers. Juan Pablo was angry to hear confessions. Antoinette (Erika Bueno) scolds Pepin (Manuel Pizarro) for not doing their job on time, shame Pepin. Leonardo (Monica Ayos) provided by Guillermo (Guillermo Garcia Cantu) because it ensures that Bernarda interested in its history.

Maximiliano (William Levy) was impressed with the beauty of Maria Forsaken and he praised. Maximiliano Osvaldo advised to be careful because you can cheat Leonela. Leaving Maria Bernarda warned that never again bring a gun to Juan Pablo small. Juan Pablo Bernarda steal small priesthood and faithful promises. After it was left by Luis Alfredo and sacked by the Victoria, Cristina ignore that several years ago Victoria seduced by her boss who later became a priest. Father Angel is the real father and trying to protect.

So that is a story, i hope you enjoy read my story and keep visit my blog for another great story i will write later. see you guys have a nice day. tomorrow i will post the next chapter of triunfo del amor capitulo 129, ver triunfo del amor capitulo 130
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