Valentine's moments are few, makes Molly Busy with surprise, Behind her, the outcome of the pregnancy test are unclear what will happen?

Molly sees that Jason is planning something special for Sam for Valentine's Day. Luck Siobhan says Megan soon found then return to Port Charles. Theo tells Shawn that Lucky and Siobhan are becoming worthy opponents, but the result will be much more durable. Lisa Robin Terrell asked how was your night. Lulu tells Spinelli to Dante's head to keep you distracted, because he has a surprise for him. Alexis Theo threat if he makes a sexist remark again, he will know his legal stature. Sam arrives at the hospital, and Elizabeth says she hopes that this is what you really want. Maxie see what Jason has planned, thinking they did not put enought thought into it. Terrell shot heard ask Patrick tells Robin Isabel his plans. Mac and Molly tells Cristina that this association has to stop, but do not see the problem he suffered and tells Alex that they are not wasted. Johnny reveals why Ethan is attracted to Lisa. Siobhan luck and bust in the warehouse, but are surprised when expected. Jason tells Sam that Elizabeth called with the results of your pregnancy 

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